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I’m confused

It states...Price £58.29
(including cancellation protection)
Best Price Guarantee
Remember: If you find Premier Inn Glasgow airport for less than £55.80 within 24 hours of booking, you can stay for FREE.

Yet on the actual site it states ...
Room 1
Room only Children* Adults
Room 1 - Double 0 2
£45.00 per room Sun May 6, 2012
£45.00 Room total
£0 Extras total
£45.00 Room & Extras total
I AM CONFUSED ?????? (and I am SHOUTING)
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  • It also says on the booking form overnight stay from Monday 7th of May 2012 when I clearly have stated I want to stay over on the night of 6th of May and have my van in the airport carpark on the 6th not the 7th as it states as thats the date I fly ??
    Can you help with all this confusion and why cant this be a simple task????
    Thank you
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