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PC sounds like Youtube via Firefly 808.

I have PC with Windows 7 and Firefly 808. After I installed all the drivers for Phonic I noticed that it play all sounds in computer via Firefly - not only my Reason or Audition, but also internet. When I turned off my Firefly all the computer sounds automatically switched back to PC's integrated sound card. It was extremely handy because I often practiced and worked with Reason why listening to some youtube videos or soundcloud tracks all through the mixing earphones. Few days ago suddenly this ''thing'' disappeared. Now when I turn on Phonic, all the internet sounds keep going via PC sound card and speakers, while Reason uses Phonic.
When I installed all the Phonic drivers I didn't configure it in any special way. Also I am very sure that I didn't change anything or install anything that could have changed settings few days ago.
Is there some settings I should check out?

Thanks in Advance.
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