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The P5A, P6A and P8A monitors are "bi-amplified" - what does this mean?

I have a studio monitor and all the literature mentions that it's "bi-amplified". I just want to know what this means. Can you shed any light on it for me?
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  • Like normal speakers, studio monitors come in both active and passive models, with active models being somewhat more common (at least for those who arent inclined to mess around with watts and ohms and such). One distinct feature of many active Studio Monitors is bi-amplification. This in essence means that the high and low frequency drivers (tweeter and woofer) each have their own, separate amplifiers specifically designated for their respective frequency ranges with the audio signal being first run through a 2-way crossover. This allows for higher quality audio and allowing more refined amplification of the specific frequency ranges of each driver.
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