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Hi, I have a Helixboard and the power supply has blown up. The place I bought the product from in Sydney, Australia, says the Phonic distributor in Australia has changed and doesn't have the spare part and doesn't know when they will get it. I have been unable to use the mixer for months now waiting for a replacement power supply. Also, the power supply is so unique I can't get any generic replacement. I have emailed Phonic but have got no response. Does anyone have their phone number in Australia and Taiwan. Many thanks - Anna.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Yes, same!!!
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Same issue here. Only place I can find power adaptor (product # 353-21901-000-0) is someplace in the UK. They have a different power plug than we do in the USA, so this is useless to me. Guess I'm going to have to buy a new different brand mixer that actually has USA support.
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if i'm not mistaken the power supply is 18v-0v-18v, with a multi-meter test which pin is ground or closest to 0 Ohm, the centre tap (0v) goes here, the other 2 are the 18v inputs (doesn't matter which way as its AC, just get the "ground" right).
most encapsulated or toriod transformers have isolated coils (not sharing a centre tap) for you US guys join 1+3 then 2+4 for 110v mains input, then join 2+3 on the output stage for your centre tap, keep 1+4 seperate, you will have the ac centre tap output you require.

you can get good results with 2x single transformers too but it takes more room.

i never noticed this forum before.... it's only now i have chance to buy a phonic without a power supply, i hope you all got yours working again.
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How many amps does the power supply need to support? If you use two units, how do you share the ground pin and keep the AC in sync? Is that automatic because you're plugging both adapters into the same wall outlet?
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BTW. if you're making your own, try looking for a 3 pin microphone plug, its the same power connector.

Hope this helps. W.
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You don't specify which Helix board you are using.
The Helix 18 and 24 have an internal (switched) power supply that gets quickly overheated. Phonic more or less agrees that this is a design error...
Well anyway: the result is that the power supply will fail after a period of time.
If you are using the Helix 12, a simple transformer is used.
Voltages are (from the top of my head) 2 x 16.8 V (split winding) and 8 V AC.
I have made an external power supply for my Helix 24. (The internal power supply is still working!)
If you have a technical person in your neighbourhood, you could ask him to build an external power supply. Information for the Helix 24 can be found here:

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