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I’m excited

Is there an iPhone Application planned for future release?

Are you going to do an iPhone Application?

The Facebook & Twitter Applications are nice, but I still use my iPhone version of a web page to do my status updates via so it goes to all the social network sites.

Currently, if I want to post a picture, I have to actually email it to my account.

I think it would be awesome if created an iPhone application. In this application, I'd love the following features.

1) For it to track the number of characters typed as we go along (missing from the web version, as you have to click done typing to get an updated count before submitting.)

2) The ability to either snap a photo directly from the camera or choose one of the photos on the iphone already and upload it along with a status update. Much like emailing a photo to the email service where my subject line is used for the status update.

3) I'd love it if would start including an option to add the "LOCATION" to update services that we use with our current location.

4) I'd also like the ability to do a shortened URL for links

5) I'd also like to be able to browse my most recent updates.

This would be a good start for an awesome application.
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