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"similar" photos deleted.

So.... as I said in my previous rant, Pixoto deleted 2 of my photos because someone reported that they were similar. So.... What the frick is similar to you??  This is just one photographer who floods Pixoto with similar photos.... How many bloody fields of lavender do you need to see??  How many men with cigars in their mouths do you want to see?  How many photos of the very same children, doing exactly the same thing, do you think we need to see???  This is her URL    This is another photographer.... How many photos of the same blonde girl in pretty much the exact same pose (and two exactly the same photo) do we need to see??  How many photos of the same grain elevators do I want to see?  or 3 photos of a sleazy girl with a green ball cap???   This is his URl .   Another... How many racing horses with men on their backs with sticks in the hand are necessary?  How many men racing cow carts?  How many racing cars through sand??  His URL  And once again... How many clay pots should there be photos of?  How many sunflowers and sunflower fields?  How many photos of the same red topped building on the shores of a lake that looks like Shangrila?  How many photos of horses or cattle pulling carts full of people?  How with many cars racing through the sand??   How many of the very same ancient buildings??  Here is his URL .  These 4 have a LOT of the very same photos, the very same subjects, over and over again.  What's more frustrating is when they enter 30 - 70 photos of the very same subjects into a challenge.  Now..... difference between them and me is that they are "top" photographers.  So... they are exempt from the rules of similarity???   Not trying to single out a photographer.  Just trying to make a point.  So, I am not allowed to take photos of the same subject, on different days, different weather conditions, different compositions???  Please CLARIFY what a similar photo is!!  I have some favourite places that I like to shoot.  So... I can't enter two photos of the same subjects with different perspectives??  
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