"Instant" feedback on votes...?

Now, I'm a newcomer to this photography malarky - I only picked up a camera a year or so ago - and so am keen to improve (Frankly, I'm surprised that some of the images I've posted here have done as well as they have :)

Anyhow, I'm wondering - in order to garner some useful feedback - if it'd be possible to add something to the image duels to gather some feedback from A Random Voter as to why, in their opinion, one image is 'better' than another...? I've not completely thought this through, but perhaps some kind of generalised 'checklist' that pops up when a vote is cast? (You know; comp, alignment, sharpness, light, post, interestingness.... or something)

I can see this might restrict the usability of the system unless done well, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway... as such a thing could have the potential to help us nascent 'photographers' learn what to look for in an image to improve it.
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