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A tougher stance on repeated duplicate images

As a suggestion for those repeat submitters of duplicates...
yes, we know some people do it occasionally by accident- and they get a warning -but after say 2 or 3 incidents, what if, instead of just deleting the "newer" image, that BOTH would be deleted. That would make people think more seriously about duplicating their winning images just for more points.
The times it happens "accidentally" are rare. I caught a duplicate in my own account (although within the first hour of submitting) but the reason I missed it ws because it was a lower ranked image buried in the middle of my profile in the 400s somewhere...and the newer one was B&W and I'd saved it with "_bw" so it had a different file name. Still, because it was an image on my hard drive from months ago, I did a quick scroll through and found my own duplication. However, I don't think I would be able to "accidentally" not notice when I duplicated one of my highest ranked images that is sitting on top of my profile -especially when the "older" one is only days or maybe weeks old- not months or years.
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