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I’m frustrated

Abstract category is a total mess

This is really frustrating - there is nowhere to submit macro shots that do them justice. I had an image that was soaring recategorised to flowers - yet in flowers it so far has scored 8 consecutive losses, because why would someone see it as a flower when it's a macro shot of the petal pattern?

However - on the leaderboard under abstract/macro there are wings, flower parts, webs with drops, jewellery, body parts, utensils, locks and many *recognisable* images - according to Pixoto staff member Jasenka -

*Abstract category is for photos that don’t have a clearly definable subject or scene*

Well if I can recognise all of the above, then they are not abstract, right? And if they are not abstract, then Pixoto need to get on it already....

They therefore belong in nature up close or artistic objects - yet they still win awards in the wrong category.
PLEASE either 1) check the boards, 2) decide what your rules actually are

or better still - GIVE US A MACRO CATEGORY!!!!!!
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