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Announcing our Affiliate Program - Make more money with Pixoto

At Pixoto we’d rather pay our members than spend it on advertising, so we are excited to announce our new affiliate program! Nothing complicated here. You are already a member.

Send out a referral link and you will earn 20% of every dollar your friends spend on Stock and PRO subscriptions and 10% of Canvas Print purchases. This can add up to a lot of money! Especially if you know a lot of professional photographers, web designers or marketing professionals. YOU and your friend will also receive 250 Pixoto credits when they upload their first image.

Here are some examples of the amount you can earn from JUST ONE referral:

- A professional photographer friend buys 2 canvases a month: $132.00
- A web designer signs-up for a 100 image stock subscription for a year: $117.60
- An amateur photographer friend signs up for a year of Pixoto PRO: $14.28
- An interior designer friend resells Pixoto canvases to her clients: $150 or more

Here’s how it works:

You distribute referral links to pages on Pixoto with your unique tracking code (your username). If someone clicks on your link and then signs-up for Pixoto you will receive:
- 20% of every dollar spent on PRO and stock subscriptions by the referral for the first year
- 10% of every canvas order (retail or wholesale) made by the referral for the first year

Commissions will be added to your Pixoto account and are subject to payment terms outlined in our TOS.

Your tracking code is your username in this format: ?r=username

You can add this to any Pixoto URL by adding a “?” to the end and then the code.

Here are some examples:

- - our home page
- – our stock home page
- – top stock photos of dogs
- – our Art Shop
- – your profile page

Here’s a few marketing blurbs to help you out - just replace username with yours:

“I love Pixoto! It’s such a fun way to see what people think of my photography. Use this link to get 250 upload credits when you signup:”

“Tons of amazing stock images are available at Pixoto Stock from just $0.33 each. Every image is ranked by real people and the best images appear on the top of every search. Totally innovative!”

“Need some art for your walls? Pixoto has over 2 million photos on canvas available at from just $22 delivered. Search for anything and the best images come up first.”

Let us know what you think!
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