I’m confused and disappointed

Best picture loosing points..???

l have a pic In 'nature up close' that won best of day 3/18/20, best of week 3/15 with 710, with no more duels it has now dropped to 698 and out of second place for month. What is happening.?.??
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  • Jasenka (Official Rep) March 28, 2020 17:54
    Hello Gene, are you asking about this image?


    I've checked image duels for that image and here is what our database say:

    2 duels on 3/28/20
    4 duels on 3/27/20
    7 duels on 3/26/20
    1 duels on 3/25/20
    9 duels on 3/24/20

    So after weekly awards were assigned your image got additional 13 duels, and it will continue dueling and changing its score based on result of duels.

    I also have to state, that image you are referring to is currently in incorrect category, since it is of a flower and you put it in Nature up close category.
    Since it is in incorrect category, after receiving report, report team will recategorize it to its correct category, which is Flowers category.
    • This flower is less than an inch in diameter.To make it large enough to appreciate I had to macro the image. I carefully reviewed Nature Closeup and saw vast numbers of beautiful flowers and parts of flowers. Could you you remove all the flower images in the wrong category and reinstate my first place minature flower ? I know it will never make it back to the 710 again. Thanks,Gene in Port Angeles,WA
    • Jasenka (Official Rep) April 03, 2020 17:50
      Gene, it doesn't matter if flower is 1/10 of an inch in diameter, or 10 feet in diameter, if subject on image is a flower correct category for that image is Flower category.

      Please check category description page here: https://www.pixoto.com/category-descr...

      Specifically these parts:
      "Flowers – Put your photos of flowers here."


      "Nature Up Close – Photos of plants, trees and other natural objects. Waterdrops on natural object or plant parts also belong here if the subject is waterdrop rather then object it is on. Natural objects modified from their natural form can be submitted in Artistic objects category. Don’t put landscapes or flowers here! If it’s not a close up chances are it belongs in landscapes. Subcategories: Mushrooms & Fungi, Trees & Bushes, Sand, Rock & Stone, Water, Leaves & Grasses, Gardens & Produce, Webs, Hives & Nests, Other plants, Other natural objects, Natural Waterdrops"

      If there are images of flower in Nature up close category, that means that either they have not been reported or report team didn't have chance yet to recategorize them.
      We rely on users to report images that are in incorrect category, so if you see any images that are in incorrect category please use report button and report them.
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