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best example of NO VERY SIMILAR IMAGES:

NO VERY SIMILAR IMAGES: You may submit an unlimited number of images but each one must be significantly different from the others. This means only one image of any subject and scene/pose combination is allowed

the problem is, there are hundreds of them and before I reach 50 I get tired of reporting already. Will pixoto review the photos themselves and not just rely on the faithful togs to report these frustrating duplicates/very similar images? I guess there must be a team to scan the submissions. or rather have the team review the pictures first then approve or diapprove before the images go into duels - FOR THIS iM SURE reporting cheaters, and duplicates won't be a hassle for the togs.
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    I agree with you. I've seen the person with all the same chicken photos. The one that really annoys me is this one - same dogs, playing with same tire or stick, over & over & over. Why does pixoto allow this, when they say they don't? I've "reported" the person's stuff before, but it doesn't help. Did you notice one of those people also was chosen as "Best Photographers" of the year? Sad, when all they take are photos that are basically the same. That's not photography... that's amateur & very boring.
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