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It seems like a lot of work is going into the algorithm for large groups to compare lots of related things & find the best ones....which could have implications beyond selecting the best photos.

The brand name offers a double-dose of photo, but isn't focused on best...or voting/ranking, etc.

If there are powerful applications for the algorithm beyond "best photos"....maybe the branding could shift, because it's expensive to build one brand and then another.

To wit, Amazon was once all about books...but they didn't use a book-themed brand...and that seems smart in retrospect, as the brand went well beyond books.

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    I’m intrigued
    Hey Ken,

    Are you suggesting we change our name?!? LOL.

    You have no idea how much time went into finding a great name earlier this year. I've named my fair share of companies and I can tell you Pixoto was BY FAR the most difficult.

    That said, I tend to agree with you on some level. Rest assured, we are not at all thinking of Pixoto in the singular, photography only sense. We have plans that go way beyond photos and that's actually part of the reason we've opted not to call users that submit images Photographers and instead call them Players.

    If anyone has any great ideas for a new name for Pixoto, we're open to listening! For the fun of it, I'd love to hear some your ideas.

    The trick, of course, is finding a name that fits and is avaialble. :-)
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