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Challenge disqualification question

Hi, I am fairly new slowly becoming more active on Pixoto. I entered a contest for person smiles and it was disqualified. I am one to go with the flow yet the rules on the contest are vague. I entered the smile of a young child missing teeth that fell out in childhood growing and personally I think it is adorable as do others in the photography field. There is another person without a full face showing smile and it is considered qualified. I just wanted to say this for whoever might be able to take a look for resolve. the photo may or may not have even placed and I'm ok with that either way also. I am not a professional photographer yet learning and hope to become excellent at this one day as I grow in the field. I feel the rules behind the contest are vague. I did make a comment on the comment section of the contest for whoever to view also. Thank you very much. Cheryl
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