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Challenge winnings substantially higher than normal image dual submission

I have been a Pixoto member for three years now and I have been through three years of experience with voting on image duals. What I find most interesting is the huge disparity between challenge voting and image dual voting. Image dual voting depends on the photos submitted in one day (mostly) vs images submitted over a couple of weeks in challenges. The locigal conclusion would be that challenge duals are far better matched against each other to determine a winner than the image duals. I do well in challenges, winning the judges award twice and getting placings in the top ten, as well as 5%. I don't achieve this nowadays with just simply submitting an image with normal image duals. I have, to a previous question I asked been told that the animal category, which I mostly submit my images in, is highly competitive, but are the challenges not also? Why the huge disparity then? Please let me know. I am slowly loosing interest in Pixoto and I don't want to do that because I have learned so much through Pixoto. But my images used to do well in normal image duals, whereas now they do not nearly as well. The exception is in challenges, where I do well. I have really been an ambassador for Pixoto here in South Africa but I am very discouraged why my images are doing so badly in the last 6 months in dual images. From the challenges I know it is not because I am submitting bad images?
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  • Jasenka (Official Rep) May 20, 2014 17:32
    Hello Claudia, challenges have different photos in it then categories and your photo dueling in challenge will probably not be dueling same photos as in category (some might if they have been submitted to the challenge). Animal category is one of most challenging categories, and more and more remarkable photos get submitted into it (not just this category) so competition is harder. Not all users who submit in category participate in challenge. Sometimes challenges are only on specific subjects (like birds or reptiles, so only such photos will participate, and that is much less then whole Animal category). On the other hand some challenges have wider subjects and photo will duel photos that will not duel within its category.

    I hope this helps.
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