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I’m frustrated

Continual errors in ranking and score NOT FIXED MORE THAN A MONTH


This morning I received from Jason, Justin & Scott - Team Pixoto the e-mail that announced the awards and points for January.
I am honored and thank you for this.
However, as of January 8, 2018, I have reported problems in counting the points and even today I could not get more than an automatic answer from Jasenka. I announce today, again, the same problems with counting points. For example, I attach some screenshots. To be exact, I also counted the points accumulated by my compatriot in the first place, so far.
Please respectfully correct the mistake because it belongs to you and you are the only one able to repair it.
Until you resolve this issue, I reserve the right to be more reserved for PIXOTO, even if I own a free contributor account as early as December 30, 2013 and have 772 photos in it.

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