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Duplicate Duels

I spent some time voting tonight and noticed an issue that has only rarely happened in the past. It seems like every three or four duels, I get a repeat of the same two images that dueled against each other only a minute or so earlier. It was different pairs repeating, but I think that I skipped voting 15-20 times in about ten minutes because I remembered voting on that exact same pair previously. It stands to reason that I'd pick the same winner if I voted a second time. Someone else may have chosen the other image, so the results could be very different. It seems like there are enough duels to go around that I shouldn't repeatedly see the same duel over again in a few minutes. That makes me wonder about the results for my own images. Is one person getting the chance to vote for or against my image in a repeated duel? I don't have a problem with an image competing against another image more than once. I just think it should not be the same voter being given the chance to vote on that same duel. I hit skip, but I suspect most others just vote again. It doesn't seem fair.
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