Duplicate Images

I noticed a few exceptionally wonderful images from a fellow photographer recently and so admired them that I decided to visit her profile page and follow her. As I scrolled down her page, I was surprised to see several images that were submitted three or four times. Sometimes she changed the crop a bit and sometimes she just changed the name of the image. I don't think it is fair, and is certainly against the rules, to submit an image multiple times in the same category. The ones that were recent, I reported through the report button system. The ones that were older, I reported through the email system. Trust me when I say that I am sure that there are several more than those I reported, but it's time consuming to go through and copy and paste all those links. Anyway, its been three days already since I sent the email and as far as I can tell not a single image has been removed. I don't think any of the ones that I reported using the report button have been removed either, though I'm not sure about those. Shouldn't those reports have been acted upon by now? If I am in error, and I don't think that I am, I'd like to know.
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