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Email togs before changing categories on their submitted images.

You recently changed categories from Animals to Digital Art on a very high point shot and award score I submitted. Apparently it was reported that it was in the wrong category, and you agreed with the party that complained and moved it. You believed that it belonged in the Digital category because you felt it was a combine of several images, where, in fact, it was not. Had Pixoto emailed me and asked to see the original image, I would have gladly obliged and the image would have stayed where it belonged, instead of being moved on a summary judgment on your part.

I am not upset about losing the points or awards...I have plenty of them both, but I feel, for the sake of other togs who find themselves in this same position, and who would like to be able to keep the points and awards, that a quick email to the tog in question...something to this effect..."Your image has been reported as being placed in the wrong category and it is suggested that it be placed in the so and so category. If you feel contrary to this thinking, please send us the original image within the next several days, and we will reconsider recatergorizing it"...would be of great benefit.

Just a thought.
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