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I am beginning to lose hope with this site! My most recent photos do not show up on my phone or pad. They show up on a computer. I can vote on the computer, but not on my phone or pad because photos do not always show up, nor does it register that I voted. It seems that I'm not alone with these issues, but nothing is being offered as a solution. Should I just give up on what I once considered to be a FANTASTIC site?
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  • Jasenka (Official Rep) April 01, 2015 18:50
    Hello Mike, please check Jason's reply here:

    "Thank you all for the reports. We have found the problem. Google, who hosts our images, changed the domain at which our new images are hosted at without warning. We need to white list this domain in our app. We are working to do this now but unfortunately because it will take a new release from apple it could be a week or more before we have a fix in place. In the meantime please use mobile web version of Pixoto. We greatly apologize for this."
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