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Hopefully a useful navigation tip for everyone

It's obvious that Pixoto is a composite of a few different websites. This forum doesn't connect to the main site in any way that I can discover. Here's how I've 'fixed' it.

I went into my forum profile and put my main Pixoto page URL as my web address. If you click on my name anywhere here in the forum, you have a link to my Pixoto portfolio right below my avatar.

I've tried to find the portfolio of several posters here in the forums by googling their name followed by Pixoto. This works well if the forum name & the Pixoto name are the same, but they aren't always which makes their portfolio impossible to find. So doing this would help people find you on the main site as well.

Also, since the forum doesn't open in a new window this helps me navigate back to the main site when I'm finished here. I just click on my name & I'm back in Kansas, Dorothy! LOL

This is just how I'm patching things and I thought it might be helpful for others too....
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