How does Pixoto work?

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  • Photographers can submit images to Pixoto by simply dragging them on to our submit page and then choosing a category and subcategory that the image will compete in. Images then entered in the competition and will be matched against other images in an ImageDuel. Pixoto members will choose a winner for each duel and images that win will then be matched against tougher and tougher competition. The results of the ImageDuels are translated into a proprietary ImageScore and displayed on leaderboard for the category and subcategory that they are competing in. The higher the ImageScore the higher up on the leaderboard the image will appear.

    Images competing in ImageDuels are displayed without attribution or other identifying information and and photographers cannot vote on their own images. This assures that people who are voting based on the quality of the image and not on other irrelevant factors.
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