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How similar is too similar?? Image duels have become quite boring

I do hope this does not come across as a redundant question, but I don't seem to see any replies that pertain to it by actually answering how you determine similar.
I personally find it tedious to see images time and time again in duels that appear only to differ slightly such as the flowers with water droplets we have all seen (maybe a different angle on the petals), and the city skylines which have one thing photoshopped from them/saturation enhanced.

According to Pixoto's own rules " NO VERY SIMILAR IMAGES: You may submit an unlimited number of images but each one must be significantly different from the others"

I am just baffled by how Pixoto decides what is too similar. Please clarify.
Images like this that show up time and time again make for boring viewing. It isn't creative, and doesn't show skill as a photographer, in fact it shows just the opposite.
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