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I have had no end of crap with pop ups and now i have had a Trojan turn up on my computer, i have worked it out and i suspected it was coming from Pixoto's site, so knowing you would want proof i wiped my laptop of everything completely reinstalled the lot did a full scan to check it was ok and then only went on one site ?

3 guesses but you will only need 1, i have no end of bloody pop ups on key words from corner of images coming in from the sides of the screen, and i have just completed another full scan and found another Trojan which i got rid of !!!

Pixoto 2 questions,

1 are you getting payment to allow pop ups because if you are they are spoiling the site if not you need to check this out.
2 what is going on with the virus yours is the only site i have been on ! so it is most likely to have been where the virus was picked up probably from the bloody pop ups all over it !?

I have since tried other pages and as yet i do not get the pop up problem on there pages !
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