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I just log in to pixoto I notice all my points are gone except for 65 I had 668 and I had 58 images by did my other image and points go.

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  • Hi Kathy,

    If this is your account it looks like you have had some images re-categorized. I am seeing 57 images in the account but a lot of them are in the wrong category. The still life category has caused some confusion.

    Under the Pixoto definition of Still Life it has to be two or more objects that are different in nature taken under unnatural conditions and do not fit into any other category. So the peacock images belong in Animals- Birds and the Sunrise in Landscapes Sunrises and Sunsets, the old Mill in Buildings and Architecture - Public and Historical.

    You should have emails from the Report team or myself, I just sent you one, regarding the relocation of your images. There are many in your account that need to be moved, would you like me to do it or do you want to recategorize them?
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