My Images are Being Reported As Similar

There is one person (or several) who has taken it upon himself to scrutinize the images I submit, in order to detect any similar images. (I don’t know which bastard is playing this game, but it looks more and more like harassment)
I have already explained, and I am not the only one, that images taken in bursts of the same subject often give the impression that they are duplicated images.

I work in a way that cannot give rise to this kind of faceties, namely that my images are shot in "RAW", that I transform them into ".TIFF" with my Raw converter, and then in ".JPG" with photoshop... as a result I destroy the TIFF and archive the RAW.
A professional process that until now has yielded results... just look at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 scores to convince yourself...

Impossible for me to put a picture twice.
The same cannot be said of certain people, such as Denise O'Hern who has published to date more than 78,900 images, obviously unprocessed, taken directly from the memory card, and who are all similar...
I already report about that, without effect .
(I’m talking about this person because she may well be the person who today has this indecent reporting behavior on my photos.)

In any case the one (or the one) who plays this stupid game has won... I just made the decision not to continue in 2020 at PIXOTO... I end this month of December to correctly close a year where I am:2nd in Animals,
  • 1st in Flowers
  • 1st in Black & White
  • 1st in Nature up-close
  • 8th in City.
It's easy understandable that this excites jealousy.

Scott, I’m still in pro status until December 31st of this year, and thank you for not extending that Pro status in 2020, and for removing the automatic debit of 95 euros.
I will remain a free listener, until the publication of the badges 2019.
And then I’ll leave.
I will inform you so that ALL my photos can be destroyed.

I am now on two other photo sites where I am getting good results and where I had the pleasure of meeting some of my former friends from Pixoto who have also left following such despicable behaviour as this one. I think you might want to ask yourself the right questions, if you don’t want the bleeding to continue.

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