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Image stopped dueling even though I am a pro member.

One of my images was recategorized and even being a pro member my image stopped dueling after 7 duels. There is some problem with the coding when the image is recategorized.
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  • I agree that something is going on thats not right about dueling an image. I post an image and immediately gets like 10 wins and 3 loses and then the whole process stops completely for long time and then starts again but at a much lower score than in the beginning. At the end, although you end up with many more wins than losses but still not enough score to put the image in the top 20%.
    The image I posted today got 21 wins against only 13 losses but got only 533 score which I doubt will make it.
    The image before that got 28 wins against 20 losses, score of only 545 and didn't make it.
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