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Is there a way to avoid voting process?

Is there a way to upload a pic and not have it submitted to any voting challenges? I merely want to upload a better tweaked version of a pic I previously submitted for the sole purpose of purchasing canvas for myself (or to be purchased by anyone else). It will also have a watermark which is against rule #1 for challenges.
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  • Jasenka (Official Rep) April 28, 2014 17:10
    Hello Andrea, I'm sorry but by the rules you can not upload another version (if it is not b&w version submitted to B&W category) of existing photo. Every photo you submit will enter image duel, and has to comply to our rules.
    So you can not submit such photo so others can buy it, but you can buy it yourself without submitting it (just uploading to Art shop).

    You can click on "Buy art" at top of the screen, then "Start your order" and click on "Upload a photo". Like that you can make print without submitting photo to Pixoto.

    I hope this helps.
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