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Is there really any doubt that down voting is alive and well on Pixoto?

Perhaps I'm getting paranoid or worse yet, becoming a conspiracy theorist, but as my followers have swelled to over 3100, my scores, in the last few weeks, have dropped dramatically. I realize there could be several legitimate reasons for this, not the least of which is the quality and interest level of my shots has dropped, but I'd like to think that isn't the case. I know many togs have also experienced this phenomenon on a regular basis. I do think, however, in many cases, the standard excuse for losing duels, which is..."we all see photos differently, and have different opinions as to what we like in an image" doesn't really hold water here.

This is a screen shot of a duel that my latest entry lost to...the opposing photo being in the animals category, where I have yet to see any animals and is in the wrong category, and I can't honestly imagine anyone would actually pick the shot on the right unless they were downvoting or simply voting without looking...but then, of course, I'm biased..but still irked that this seems to happen so much lately. Am I wrong here?

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