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I’m anxious

JASON- I would appreciate a response and not your standard brush off.

Please explain to me why three of my images where removed, the reason stated in email was similar images, but they were the bw versions submitted to the bw category??!!!!!!???? seriously not cool at all

It was said that we could enter one of each in each category, bw and the other of our choice. This is insanity. and so wrong.

Are you going to remove every bw duplicate, and if so wouldn't have been the right thing to do, to inform us????
I just don't understand why its so hard for you to get it right, why should your users have to pay the price for the lack of communication on your parts?

I lost a ton of points and credits on these photos- what kind of scam are you running really?

It hasn't only happened to me, so we ALL know there is a meltdown somewhere in your systems.

see this post where it is said by a representative- of pixoto that this is allowed, I also read "Jason" say it as well-

so what i would like to know is why you didn't tell Leizel- who seems to be deleting images you said where allowed. why don't you tell this person to focus on the real problems

I already know you wont fix it , how--- bc i have an email saying you would before and never did, empty promises. I deserve better, in fact you entire community does. YOU won't respond to 95% of your users post, but we know you see them. Thanks

there are so many other things i would like to say but I am a lady and i shall refrain. Use your imagination. Merry Christmas.
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