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Jason, is a computer now selecting the "voter checks"?

Jason, the problem isn't the wording of the message -- the problem is that the images in the duels are not so wildly different that the choice is obvious.

I vote a lot and I had never run into this message until yesterday afternoon, right after the new update of the site took effect. Suddenly, after just sitting down to vote for a bit, my voting was suspended and it seems there was a flurry of other suspensions. Comments had been made elsewhere, I think by you, in another thread, that those who had never seen the message over the past couple of weeks must have been voting for the "right" images. Well, my voting preferences have not changed and yet, yesterday, suddenly I'm one of the bad voters?

I do not believe that these pairings are being selected by a real person. I suspect that you now have a computer doing the selections based solely on image scores. If that is true, that's a HUGE mistake.

If you go to the Leaderboards and scroll down to the images with scores in the 300s and 400s, I guarantee that people will see images they like. The scores of photos do not necessarily reflect that one is enormously better than the other, high scores are often achieved by when a photo is posted and whether that person's friends are all online too, waiting to vote. A low score does not reflect a bad image, it often just reflects that you picked the wrong day or time of day to submit it. I have photos that have won awards that tanked the first few times I've submitted them.

If you decide to keep this voting quality check, you should NOT use images on this site, or at least not current images that are still active in the duels. Have your staff take some over-exposed, slightly out-of-focus photos and use those as the "bad" images and for the "good" photos, either get yourself some high-quality images from Shutterstock or just use some winning Pixoto photos from a couple of years ago that are no longer duelling.

I know I won't be voting again until this gets cleared up and, since I'm getting low on credits, I guess I won't be uploading photos either. I know today is the Super Bowl -- I'm cheering for Denver too -- but I certainly hope this situation gets cleared up soon.
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