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Limiting number of entries in community contests

We did new release yesterday that will allow contest moderators to limit number of entries each user can enter to their contest. It can be done on Contest create page while you create new contest.

In field "Max Entries Per User" moderator just needs to add number of entries each user can submit, as example 20, or 30, or 5 (please use numbers. not letters).
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    • Michael,
      For me, it is not about the credits.  I sponsor quite a few contests - so I have a strong opinion as to why this is good:
      1.) There have been many times where folks submit many entries and many that are similar.  I think that limiting the number of entries will help people to be more cognitive of what images they are submitting.  
      2.)  Adding a limit might improve the the quality of the images that finish in the top 20%, making the validity of the contests higher. 
      3.) I also think that it will help with voting, as a more diverse set of images to choose from will help us to pick the ones that stand out.  
      4.) I would also like to suggest that Pixoto:  Add the same logic of "similar images"  that Pixoto uses when an individual submit to the Community Contests. 

      Finally - Regardless of whether the number of entries is limited or duplicate/similar entries are prevented or how clearly the contest rules are stated, it is quite obvious that many people do not follow them.  I don't think there is anything that Pixoto can do to improve this fact.   Thank you for reading!   I am interested in your thoughts. 
    • I can't help but agree with you.

      However, it is the moderators that have to 'police' their contests, Pixoto as we know do not involve themselves in these contests. It is a positive move that they have added a limit feature to contests.

      Kind rgards.
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