Limits to Contest Entries are Greatly Needed

Please consider limiting the number of images that users can enter into contests. Some other sites limit photographers to no more than five entries per contest. I'd love to see that happen here and truly believe that such limits would have a very positive impact on Pixoto.

Some people enter hundreds of entries in a single contest and often participate in several at the same time. When the contests go to the voting stage, it has a huge impact on the number of duels dedicated to the daily contests. When there are too many contest entries, it dilutes the votes for the daily duels. Duel after duel goes to the many community contests rather than the daily duels. I think this discourages members from even submitting images when there are several big contests voting at once. Often it takes several days to get your guaranteed 100 duels (for paying members). It's frustrating to see an image climb three days later knowing that it missed out on a daily award and sometimes even the weekly award simply because it did not get enough duels to rise. Right now, the top images in "Animals" for August 29th,only have 50 duels... almost a full day after the daily award was given. Worse, the top "Animals" images for August 28th still have fewer than 100 duels, most have 70-80. We all know that Pixoto's logarithm does not work well when the top images of the day only had 50 or fewer votes. Almost all of the images for the 28th have shifted positions... some several places.

Right now fourteen contests are in the voting stage. Together they have more than 9,000 entries. That means that over the next few days 108,732 duels are going to community contests instead of the daily contests. And tomorrow, several other contests are going to voting requiring an additional 42,000+ duels diverted their way. That is more than 150,000 votes for contests. What chance do the daily duels have? I submitted three images over two hours ago. Two images have five votes. One only has two even though it won both of those duels.

My other concern regarding those who enter hundreds of images in multiple contests... where do they get all those credits? Unless they are outstanding photographers who frequently place in the top three in contests, they are either spending a fortune on credits, or (more likely) not spending much time looking at images to cast a legitimate vote. I often see great images lose duels to images that are blurry, over-exposed, or that have a lot of clutter in the background.I know that there are systems in place to catch those who vote too fast, but do the systems really catch those who aren't putting any effort into voting for the quality image. Maybe, but it doesn't always work well.

I truly feel a limit to the number of entries per photographer in each contest would greatly improve the quality of voting for the daily duels and the contests. It sure would be nice to see top images in the daily duels getting 100 duels in a day rather than in 3-4 days.
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