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I’m disgusted in such ads and malware/virus

Malware and Virus "Ads" on Pixoto Account Pages

Pixoto accounts that have ads have some that are known to be malware and gives a virus if you open them up. For example, there is one that will tell the person they have a Message (with an envelope icon and a number showing allegedly how many messages they have). The person/account holder may think it is a Pixoto message--instead, it is malware. (This is an old type of scam malware uses, ones that make the person thinks the company is sending them a message/email to open.) So those of you who complained your computer started acting up after using Pixoto, this is likely the problem--malware. You may have clicked and opened the Message box on your/another account page, followed the directions and then got a virus. Who knows how many other ads are also malware and/or will pass on a virus to your computer...
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