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Moderator email.... yes or no

Okay... I have Pixoto open in one window and I'm signed in.  I check my email in another window and Pixoto has sent an email to me asking if I was happy with the way a contest was moderated, yes or no.  When I click on my answer a window opens telling me to sign into Pixoto.  It never used to do that.  When I sign in (again) it takes me to the feed rather than to the acknowledgement page it used to take me to, so I'm not sure if my vote has been counted.  Here's one example of an email:  Dear Lena,
Thanks for participating in challenge 'Waves ' (https://www.pixoto.com/contests/waves-).
This challenge was created and moderated by a Pixoto community member. Were you satisfied with the way this challenge was moderated?


An outstanding NO for this contest but I don't know if it's being counted. Not only that but I think we should be able to comment on WHY we voted yes, or no.  These moderators who open contests and then never moderate them should be reprimanded.  Multiple photos that have absolutely nothing to do with the contest but do not get DQ'd.  NOT fair to the people who actually read the rules and entered accordingly. 
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