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New Release: Duel Improvements, Instagram, More

New Release Nov 18 2018

We have released a substantial upgrade to the Duel System that should improve performance slightly and pave the way toward our version 3.0.

You can now connect your Instagram account

and submit photos via Instagram on the submit page.

You should now be automatically logged into the community website if you are logged into your Pixoto account.

Various small fixes around the site.
  • Good Job Scott! Another few steps forward.

    As asked a few times before (not to you in person) please give more insight in the countings behind the duelling/voting system. There has been so much unclarity about this for years now, resulting in many questions (answered by Jasenka). And still today frequent users only have a high level idea about this.
    To give you 2 examples:
    1) if the 1st duel you get is a win you earn between 40 and 46 points. But the reasoning behind the choice made for the actual number of points is totally unclear.
    2) the order of the wins and losses impacts the amount of points resulting in 2 pictures with the same number of wins and losses but a (sometimes large) different numer of points; but how it counts exactly

    But there are many more..
    Number of points should be crystal clear and predictable based on voting results but now its totally not and just a wild guess for the users.

    • When we first came out with the duel system, it was crystal clear, then people cheated.  So there are other factors now that make it a bit complex.  Users also have a reliability score that now goes into their impact on the scoring.    In its simplest form, it is the Elo Chess Ranking Algorithm that is used to rank chess players, but chess players don't cheat.....  or do they? ;P
    • :D I don't know if chess players cheat... but know the Elo rating.
      I know how the Elo rating works globally, but wouldn't it be possible to describe the Image Duel Algorithm somewhere to make things more understandable for everyone (and crystal clear like in the beginning)?
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