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New Release & Missing 2017 Awards Schedule

We just did a new release that addressed a few minor fixes including fixing logging in and connecting your account to Twitter.

I've also completed my analysis of the missing 2017 awards and am pleased to announce they will be assigned according to the following schedule:

Mon, Nov 5 . Public Holidays
Tue, Nov 6 . Abstract
Wed, Nov 7 - Weekly Awards
Thu, Nov 8 Food & Drink
Fri, Nov 9 . Digital Art
Sat, Nov 10 Babies & Children
Sun, Nov 11 . Buildings & Architecture
Wed, Nov 14 . - Weekly Awards
Mon, Nov 19 . - Monthly Awards
Tues, Nov 20 Landscapes
Pending - Animals (Final 2017 Missing Category!)
Pending - 2017 Badge Assignment
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