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I made a mistake and clicked the wrong button in an attempt to track a 10 x 20 print I ordered(order #4510927771402240) and instead ordered another print...I immediately called and cancelled that order for the same 10 x 20 print(order # 5486606902099968) and of course no one answers the phone,,,EVER, but I left a message saying to please cancel the order! I also emailed the same message! Somehow the order was placed anyway and I was charged for the print I didn't want...AGAIN!!! Why is communication so difficult?!! Why wasn't my phone call returned? This is a very shady way to do business, and I would like a refund or I will report Pixoto to the BBB as well as tell my photography friends not to have anything to do with Pixoto!! I am John Larson of J. Philip Larson Photography! Please rectify this situation ASAP!!! Thank you
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