Overwhelming Numbers or Diversity?

Hey all, I noticed a contest now excepting entries for Nikon images. I saw one entrant had uploaded over 150 pics to this contest. It seemed to me that all 150 were of just a few subjects repeated over and over with a few changes in composition or pose.

This is okay per the moderator's rules, but my question is, does that many pics pf the same things help or hinder one's chances of winning the contest? 50 pics of the same lady in the same dress have to duel against one another, right? So they all have to lose a lot of duels against each other.

Then other folks complain that members who enters lots of photos in one contest are trying to gain an unfair advantage by attacking with overwhelming numbers. My idea is always to enter pics that are all fairly different so that one may get more votes because of it's individual diversity from my others entries. Anyone else have any ideas on this...(I will stop typing now :-)
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