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Peculiar patterns in challenge rankings?

Just an observation really....

I was randomly looking at closed challenges and noticed that there are often a few images in the top 20% that just seemed like they did not belong there. Obviously, voting is subjective BUT then I noticed that usually, the images were submitted by the same 1 or 2 photographers.

So, basically, I am checking these photos because they seem to be of far less quality than the other winners and lo and behold, they are by the same person.

Then, I see that it was only in challenges sponsored by the same 1 or 2 users. I am not going to elaborate on who or point fingers but the users names seem to be brought up a lot here in the forum.

Is it possible to "manipulate" a challenge? I see no other explanation for the fact that the worst images in a challenge hierarchy are from the same person.
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  • Hello Staci, if moderator doesn't choose the option he/she will choose Judge's award, all placement of awards are determined by voting of users. If moderator select to award Judge's award, he/she can choose only Judge's award while other places are also determined by user's voting.
    In any case, moderator can not influence in any way on placement of images submitted to challenge (only exception is Judge's award if it is stated that moderator will award it).

    I hope this helps.
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