Waterdrops with refraction

Natural means just that- natural.

All the glints are added.

The flower drop image has been superimposed onto the drops that were there- or were added as a whole drop. How do I know?- check the direction of the flower being reflected- in real life- the reflection would not shift away from each other like it does in the top 2 drops and would never look like the lower drop in relation to the other 2. Reflection doesn't work that way!

Now scroll thru all this guys images- over and over the orientation of the reflected flowers are wrong. These are all submited in "Natural" water drops. Nearly all are fabricated. They need to be moved to digital art.
Another detail- drop size is unnaturally large in many of his images.
You can even see the containing circle of the imposed drop on many of them!

How did this guy slide by for so long?

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