Pictures haven’t had all their duels

I have twelve pictures that were submitted in September that are short t
heir 100 duels. With September awards being announced next week, it would be nice if some of mine that might have a shot of winning an award were given the chance by dueling them till they get to their 100 duels. Thanks.
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  • Hello J-Lo please check Scott's reply about duels for images submitted in September here:

    Specifically this part:
    "Unfortunately, this all stems from
    The system is catching up from all the lost votes (Several hundred thousand). Contests were extremely backed up and now all contests are finishing on time. You should now see things picking up.

    September is going to remain an anomaly until it gets caught up. I was going to run the awards for September tomorrow, but I will hold off 1 more week. If you see discrepancies in votes in September, it has to be due to those images getting frozen."

    and this

    "I will do a release right now that will increase the percentage of non-contest votes."

    That being said, please note that the majority of images will stabilize their score at about 50-60 duels, while additional duels up to 100 are just fine-tuning. Besides, with each additional duel when the number of duels is high change in image score is very low.
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