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Pixoto Downtime May 6th 5:39PM EST-10:17PM EST due to Infrastructure Improvements

Unfortunately we had an unexpected outage on May 6th due to a significant backend update we released.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but this should improve future reliability.
  • Hi Scott, I raised this before already a few times:
    Inform your users/customers up front instead of afterwards (like all sites do).
    Perhaps next time it would even be much better to go to "maintenance mode" with the site.

    Further: any info on what the new release will bring the users?
    • This was unanticipated. Google shut down a part of our infrastructure forcing us to transition ahead of schedule. This release was specifically tied to the infrastructure transition.

      We will be documenting our releases soon (as early as within the next few days) providing what has changed and how it impacts users.
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