Pixoto management statement wanted

At this point of time in Pixoto history I would like to know: how many people does Pixoto management and other staff consist of? Are there real techs in the company at all and if, how many? What are the specific titles and tasks of everyone in the company, that is what are you getting paid for?

That the company is in maintenance mode is really a vague way to address the members. Can Pixoto give some kind of estimate of when the site will run normally again or should we prepare for the worst scenario? I truly think a lot of transparency is needed at this point of time.

I also strongly urge the management to state some kind of explanation and regret to the members of what we have been forced to go through during many months now. Or is that too much to ask? Many of us old members have stayed by Pixoto for many years and even paid for being PRO members. And regardless of all our time as Pixoto members, now it's high time to face us and issue a statement of what's going on now and what will likely happen in the near future. If Pixoto keeps up with the current silence I'm pretty sure there will be no more members left soon. Wake up Pixoto management and let your voice be heard!
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