I’m frustrated

Pixoto repeating technical problems ! What the heck is going on?

He Scott, what the heck is going on with Pixoto !?!!

All kind of problems for the last year, of which some are still not solved
Site down for long hours last week... and several times.
Excuses regarding Google doing this or doing that causing problems.
And now again 404 errors (error not found) whenever you click one of your own pictures to see details.
No pro-active monitoring of the site.
No pro-active communication to the members/customers (or worse: no communication hardly at all).

This isn't funny any more and is far beyond any service of any site.
I really feel sorry for all your paying customers.

This far I haven't seen any reaction saying "Pixoto did wrong" or "We do not perform" or "we should do better.
The promised release-schedule is still not there.
Always it others (servers, google, facebook etc) that's causing the problem....
Be realistic... you cannot sell that story any more.
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