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Pixoto doesn't answer mails, nobody contacts you for prize

I have won 1st place in a cathegory some time ago, but nobody from Pixoto contacted me yet. I have sent 2 mails, but received no answer at all. I'm beginning to doubt about this site. Does in fact anybody get payed for first place? How long does it take for the people from Pixoto to contact you...? Thank you for answering!
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  • Hey AndreJa,

    Sorry if we dropped the ball on contacting you. Typically, cash prize award winners receive an email with instructions on how to claim their prize. We are actually in the process of refining that process, but you should have received an email and certainly a response to any emails you sent.

    How long ago did you win first place? Can you send a link to the image that won?

    In the meantime, can you please also email morgan (at) pixoto (dot) com and jason (at) pixoto (dot) com? They can help you!

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