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Point and win/lose ratio question

I just want to make sure that all is well with the Algorithm. I know that the score and image ratio are dependent on the scores of the photos you go up against and other dependencies as well but I would like to verify this fact. The following photos make me question the accuracy of the equation. Please explain why one photo with 57 wins and 43 loses has the same score as a photo with 48 wins and 52 loses. Is it simply the image scores of the photos it dueled against? I don't mean to give you a hard time but it is very confusing and does not seem fair or consistent even with the explanations you have already given. I trust you and if you tell me this is normal and acceptable I will accept your answer. Thank you for your time.

Photo one....
IMAGEDUELS 100 57 Wins, 43 Losses

Photo two...
IMAGEDUELS 100 48 Wins, 52 Losses
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    I believe it has to do with the first few duels for an image - typically, these count the most - a win on the first duel is around 40 points and a loss is around 15 points (in my experience). As more and more duels occur, this goes down - pretty quickly - to a point where after around 60 or 70 duels they are at an almost even level - 2 for a win and -2 for a loss.

    This means that the first 10 or so duels really give a boost (if you win). The image with the lower win loss ratio won 6 of the first 7 duels, and the higher win loss percentage only won 3 of the first 7 duels, and I believe that that is the significant difference.
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