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Pro Duels after 100

I notice that once my photos hit 100 the duels seem to either stop altogether or get 3 or for duels a week. My question is, what determines how often a photo is put up for a duel. Is it different for pro and non pro?

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  • The number of duels an image gets, if it is not boosted/unpaused/pro is dependent upon:
    1) how well the image does in duels (the better it does - the more duels it gets). This is a big range - from 30 duels for images that mostly lose to hundreds for very high scoring images.
    2) the number of images coming into Pixoto
    3) the number of duels coming in

    Pro members essentially get free unpauses and boosts (i.e. 100 "boost credits") for each image. If the image would not normally have gotten 100 duels if was not boosted - then the image will stop dueling at that point.

    I hope this helps.
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