Problem with Comment Notifications and Pixoto Award Notifications


I’ve had a problem concerning Comment Notifications and Pixoto Award Notifications for over a month now - I receive only a fraction of them. The Comment Notifications issue has been tested with Jasenka with poor success. None of her test comments made on my images has ended up in my email. The Notifications doesn’t end up in my spam folder either and all my settings have been checked and re-checked and they are correct.

In my Feed I can see all Comment Notifications made by my Followers and Pixoto Award Notifications sent by Pixoto. If someone that doesn’t follow me comments on my images the email though rarely reaches me. Finding such a comment without the email is really pure luck. I seldom go through my older images so comments on them will probably be unanswered. I would like to get ALL Comment Notifications on my images in my email because I always answer my comments (I find it’s rude not to). In this situation I’m though afraid I miss a lot of comments and I can’t therefore answer them.

There is also another problem related to this. In the Feed you can only see 12 award icons. If you get more awards than that at the same time (when for example Pixoto Award Notifications are send collectively for many Contests at the same time) you don’t know what the Awards are for regarding the rest of the images (>12). On the other hand in Pixoto Award Notifications by email all Awards are listed with the Contests name attached to it. In the Feed there is no subtitles that would tell what Contest is in question. I would like to get ALL Pixoto Award Notifications regarding Contests in my email so that I would know what Contests they are related to.

I also receive the questionnaire regarding moderation of Community Contests only randomly. So also regarding these, many remain unanswered.

At this point I haven’t noticed any problem with Pixoto Award Notifications concerning normal Daily, Weekly and Monthly Awards.

I would appreciate if my problem would get fixed as soon as possible, thank you. I will send screenshots of Awards received without Pixoto Award Notifications in my email to Jasenka.

Regards, Mia Ikonen
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