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Problem with Chrome and Pixoto

Having an issue with Google Chrome on 5 different machines, 3 of which are Windows 7, 1 is Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, and another Ubuntu 12.04 32bit. On all versions of Chrome if I mouse over my name I can't select the options that appear. I can only click on my name itself. If I try to mouse over the options (such as profile, images, etc) the menu just vanishes. This happens every time. Also if I want to filter my leaderboard results, the same drop down menus for location, etc do the same thing. This is repeatable in all instances of Chrome I have running. It does not affect Firefox under any of the OSes listed above, nor does it affect IE on the Windoze machines. Is this a problem with Chrome itself or pixoto? I know Chrome is supposed to be one of the best at conforming to the standards set in place by W3C but it's actually quite annoying and if I have to I'll just start using Firefox again when it comes to pixoto.
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